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Mohammed Musa Mozermia, 22

Burmese Rohingya refugee from Northern Arakan, now living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I left my country and went to Bangladesh in 2011 because we were expelled from our land to make way for a new military settlement. We were forced to work for the army for one to two days a week. I knew that once I left Burma I could not go back. You can’t trust anyone, there are informants everywhere, even ones relatives.
In Bangladesh I still wasn’t safe from police harassment. I worked for 5 months in the paddy fields and cutting wood and saved 10,000 taka (£70). I paid all my savings to get on a boat to Thailand with 40 other refugees. It took ten days to get there. A lot of people got sick and I’d never been to sea so I was very frightened.
As soon as we landed we were arrested and sold on to traffickers by the Thai police. We worked for them cutting wood for 15 days. Then we were taken to the Malaysian border where I was able to give them my cousin’s contact number in Malaysia who paid 3,000 (£610) Malaysian ringgit for me to be released.
I’ve been staying here in my cousin’s house for two months. I have no legal documents. I have no job.  I’m scared of leaving the house and being arrested by the authorities. All I want now is to get a UNHCR card so I can get a job and be resettled. I worry about my family, I don’t think I can ever go back to Myanmar. People used to say things would get better for the Rohingya. Until now, nothing has changed.