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Ihsan, 28, and her cousin Sammia (left).

Syrian refugees now living in Al Mafraq, Jordan

We left our house three months ago because there was a lot of shooting and bombing in our area. We had a tent and moved six or seven times, drinking water from the springs and receiving food from the local people. There are eight people in my family and we travelled with four other families. We were always afraid of the army finding us.

After 15 days I returned to my house to get clothes for the children and found everything there destroyed. The streets around my house were full of soldiers. Two huge men stopped me. They pointed their guns at me and questioned me about my husband; I said he was dead. When I left I was shot at, a bullet flew past my ear and I ran. I saw many dead bodies in the street; men, women, and children.

We moved south from place to place, sleeping in the open air. If it got cold, we pitched our tent. When we got to Deraa, the Free Syrian Army helped us to cross the border. There were around 90 people crossing at that time and we walked together across the countryside. Sometimes when the Syrian Army shone their searchlight we had to hide. We gave the children medicine so they would sleep and wouldn’t make any noise. I am seven months pregnant, but I wasn't worried about my baby. I’ve grown used to being in this situation. I have been in Jordan for three days and I feel safe and calm, there are no sounds of bullets or bombs.